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Mr. Wright, the owner and CFO of Deen Well Inc, is a graduate of The Florida State University, College of Business. He majored in accounting and finance, then naturally transitioned into business development and consulting soon after working for The Coca-Cola company for 16 years. While at Coca-Cola, he served in various roles and departments within the company which included accounting, finance, payroll, sales, pricing, forecast analytics and reporting.

He's a protective husband and proud father of a blended family of 7 children. Besides the births and rearing of these beautiful children, one of many of Mr. Wright’s proudest accomplishments is being the first college graduate in his family, on both his mother's and father's side. Another was his decision to take on the responsibility -- while in college, of raising his younger brother to become a productive, responsible, and successful young man, thus overcoming the challenges he and his brother faced growing up in their hometown of The South Bronx.

Mr. Wright's passion for serving humanity and achieving business success is what drives him every single day to assist in business development strategies for others. He is committed to only working with serious-minded business people who are ready to invest in their business for a transformative change. If you are ready to create a strategic plan, develop a solid foundation for your business, and increase your revenue, you definitely need to contact him and his team.


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“In business ventures with Mr. Wright, I could always expect professionalism and commitment to achieving any and all objectives for success.”

Shannon P.

"On the various occasions Mr. Wright has done work for me, the quality of work has always exceeded my expectations. This is why I keep coming back for his services and would recommend him to anyone. His insight and advice is usually spot on."

Shane Peek

"Mr. Wright's attention to detail and his genuine concern for our best interest make him an invaluable resource."

Sharrief Scott